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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  February 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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alleged incident involving a wait rest and albert haynesworth. correct? >> reporter: you're right about that, lesli. it happened late saturday night, early sunday morning at the w hotel in downtown washington where a waitress alleges that the troubled redskins player fondled her as he was settling a tab there and filed a complaint for that abuse. dc police confirm an investigation is underway but moments ago albert haynesworth lawyer was asked does albert haynesworth deny those allegations? >> fundamentally and categorically denies these allegations. albert has not been issued a subpoena. we have had no contact with the u.s. attorney's office. and we, quite frankly, are conducting our own investigation. we have interviewed several witnesses who were with him that evening. we have interviewed several witnesses who were at point of view and weren't a part of the party but were nearby and close and none are reporting that
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these allegations are true or there was anything done illegal, sexual or otherwise, by albert or anyone else in this party. when you've got false allegations against someone who given his professional status, given his star status, given his contract and given who he is, it is not surprising, it is not unbelievable that he could be a target for some type of civil proceeding or some type of extortion on the part of individuals. i mean, he is a natural target for that. >> he left open the possibility that albert haynesworth could be a plaintiff in a civil case against those who allegedly made falls claims against him. but the first order of business in this defense is to preclude an indictment if a grand jury is meeting on these allegations to try to stop that the attorney said he will take his investigation to the u.s. attorney to try to demonstrate that there was no wrongdoing to try to preclude grand jury action before any indictment
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could be handed down. back to you. >> thanks for the update. and late word tonight that redskins kick returner brandon banks has been transferred to a hospital in virginia. he was stabbed outside a dc nightclub over the weekend. banks' agent says the knife nicked a lung and confirms that a tube is still inserted in that lung. he says banks is expected to make a full recovery and should resume off season training two weeks after he is discharged. another fight allegedly on board a metro train is caught on tape and the question many are asking is, what is metro doing to stop the violence? kristin fisher went out to get some answers and some reaction from metro riders. >> wow. >> two guys fighting and a big crowd around them. >> it has been going on for a while. >> where are people? >> nobody stops them. >> reporter: metro riders had lots of questions as i showed
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them this video of two teenagers going at it for almost 2 minutes on a moving metro train. >> i was appalled and i was appalled that it went on for so long. >> i think that's crazy. that they can fight for that long on a metro. >> reporter: this video was posted on youtube three days ago and the caption claims it happened after school. >> it happens so often. >> especially stations where there are schools. that's normally the worst. i just shared this video to about a dozen metro riders and all of them said that while they don't like what is on the video they are also not surprised. >> it is kind of ridiculous. it is redundant mainly because it happened so much on the metro. especially between teenage kids. >> reporter: this is the third fight caught on camera in the last three months on a metro platform or train. this one is from december and this one interest january. some say metro should be doing more to stop these kind of fights but others argue that nothing more can be done. >> metro can't do anything. once the doors are closed the
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people you're in that cart with. >> metro commented to say they have reviewed the video and metro transit police are following up. >> thank you. the shocking murder of a popular high school teacher grew more complexing when the students and staff learned he was in trouble with the law. scott broom is at the high school where they are mourning the death of their technology teacher chris hoefert. >> reporter: they are in mourning and shock. simply shocking here at north point high school that this could have unfolded with this particular teacher. 24-year-old chris hoefert. he was the teacher killed yesterday in a bizarre and very public murder suicide at a busy intersection in charles county. he was shot while sitting behind a wheel. that man then shot himself to
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death. the attacker was robert becker. he turns out to be hoefert's next door neighbor and it turns out both of them were in trouble with the law. hoefert, the teacher, was facing a car theft charge that no one here knew anything about. and sources close to the case say he had told investigators that becker was in on it. finger pointing. students and school staff here are stunned by this news. >> it is really surprising. i would never think he would do anything like that. >> had a lot of contact with students and he was willing to go above and beyond the classroom. >> reporter: hoefert was due in court on the car theft charge on friday. in addition to being a technology teacher here he was a robotics coach, a coach on the track team. he was helping to write the new statewide curriculum for technology education and on top of all that he was a candidate
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for a masters degree that he was murdered in this murder/suicide and on top of that charged with the car theft does not add up to anyone here at north point high school here in waldorf. scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you, scott. nurses are going on strike at washington hospital center. they voted overwhelmingly in favor of a one day walk out. the nurses are upset about the prospect of lower pay and benefits and they say hospital management hasn't come to terms with them on issues of patient care and nursing standards. no date has been set for the strike. >> shock waves from egypt are spreading through the middle east. libya is the latest country infected with antigovernment fury. they focused on progovernment demonstrations today this video was believed to show some angry riots. crowds demanded the release of a human rights activist and word is spreading on facebook for a day of rage on friday to
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protest. the budget debate nonstop in the house. if they can't agree to a plan that president obama will sign next month the government runs out of money. the republicans want to slash $61 billion from this year's budget reducing money in programs from education to the e.p.a., but democrats say their proposal goes too far. >> we are not going to make it in america if we don't invest. >> we are looking at making cuts that are important and need to take place. >> and a sign of compromise today. the president won a vote in the house to kill a costly alternative engine for the pentagon fighter jets. jerry connolly hoping the senate will get back on track the funding to the metro system. last night the house killed an amendment connolly propose. $50 million for metro. connolly says it makes no sense
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for lawmakers to neglect a transportation system so important to the federal government. >> 40% of the entire federal workforce uses metro every day to get to work. the biggest beneficiary frankly of the metro system in metropolitan washington is the federal government. >> connolly calls the house defeat a devastating blow to metro. another sign of the times is bad news for a big time book seller. plus, topper has got your forecast. >> temperatures sky rocketing into the upper 50s. we will take you out with current temps. down to the low 50s downtown. 57 in fredericksburg. 56 in oakland even. we will tell you that it is going to get warmer before it gets colder. but first, could you seen buy pills, birth control pills over the counter?
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a controversial bill by the dc council is raising more questions than answers. the proposal from council member david kitannia will allow women to get birth control pills from a pharmacist without a doctor's visit or prescription intending to give access to women who may not be able to afford a doctor's visit. >> they should know that the pill is dangerous for them. this should not be available over the counter. >> i think it is a fantastic proposal. i mean, when you look at the wait that planned parenthood or things along those lines have, it is kind of unrealistic to have to wait so long for an appointment. >> a spokesman for the council member said there are still many elements to be worked out.
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if the bill becomes law the dc boards of pharmacy and medicine would have to come up on guidelines on how to distribute the pills and to whom. so what do doctors in our area think about this new bill? anita brikman joins us with details about their concerns. >> reporter: our health unit reached out to many gynecologists in the area. some didn't want to comment but one doctor in dc told us more access to birth control is a good thing. and a way to prevent unintended pregnancies. but there are still risks to this medication that a doctor would explain before putting someone on the pill. now, smoking while on birth control, a big no-no. puts women at high risk of blood clots that can travel to the lungs and end up being deadly. also, women with certain types of migraines and take the pill they could be in greater danger of a stroke. there are concerns about drug interactions.
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a seizure medication with oral concept oral -- oral birth control. will this be a bill that allows it only to be sold to women over 18. things to be worked out. >> thank you. scott brown of massachusetts, a senator, in a 60 minutes exclusive the senator revealed he was sexually abused as a child. >> you tell us that you were actually sexually abused. more than once? >> yes. fortunately nothing was every fully consummated but it was certainly back then very traumatic. he said if you tell anybody i'll kill you. >> watch senator brown's full interview this sunday on "60 minutes." starts at 7:00 p.m. right here on wusa9. after the break, our modern day plague is returning for another season. details on the new stink bug
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invasion after the break.
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borders book and music cafe filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning and as a result half a dozen stores in our area are slated to close. here is the list. the stafford marketplace. maryland the mitchel ville road location is closing. bowie. in dc the locations at 1801 k street in north west and 5333 wisconsin avenue are shutting down too. delia gonclaves is in northwest dc with reaction to the news. >> reporter: on the corner of 18th and l, this borders, the one with the squeaky door that will soon be closed for good.
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>> there are very few book stores in the district as it is. >> reporter: the company says the more than 600 nationwide stores slated to shut down in the next several weeks are under performing stores. but on a mild dc afternoon, this downtown location was packed. >> a lot of people are in here but i'm not sure there are that many people purchasing things. >> they are in and out. they buy coffee and leave. may as well close them. keep half the store open and run a coffee shop out of it. >> reporter: and a closer look through, they are right. we spotted people chatting, flipping through magazines, catching up on work and even catching up on sleep. >> they do come to this one quite a bit. but like other consumers these days they buy a lot from amazon. >> cheaper to get them online usually. >> reporter: borders around since 1971 is to blame for its own demise with more than $1 billion in debt. the company now admits it did not keep up with the changing
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market. >> get a kindle you can look at all books you want for free. >> reporter: book lovers hate to see the end. >> i like a tangible book. i have a kindle for grad school but it is not the same. >> reporter: all schools will be still open for business and will operate as usual. in downtown washington, delia gonclaves 9 news now. >> the company says the closings will begin in the next several weeks and they will continue until the end of april. enjoy the weather but be warned. scientists say the warmer temperatures of spring are likely to bring a plague of biblical proportions. billions, with a b, of stink bugs invaders from asia. and they are all but certain to be far worse this year. they don't bite, they don't sting or carry diseases as far as we know, but they stink if you squish them. so don't do it. researchers say they are likely to do millions or even billions of dollars of damage to gardens
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and farm fields. we can't run from them for long. >> they came to allentown, pennsylvania. >> amazing how they can hop a ride. >> they are hitchhikers. >> piece of luggage and all of a sudden here we are. >> and you're right, when it gets warm -- this is nothing compared to what will happen when it turns warm. caulking is the best you can do. got to 58 degrees today at national. felt markedly between 5 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. still pretty nice. 53 in bethesda. 57 up in rockville. and still mid-50s in great falls and low 50s in reston and fairfax. not bad. satellite picture, radar combined. big storm out of the west and this is sort of pattern when it is nice in the east, has to be bad somewhere. this time it is outside west. we showed you earlier some video at blue canyon, sierra. 2, 3 feet of snow before everything is all said and done. we will deal with that storm but not until the end of the
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week. high clouds off to the north and into the west right now. that's about it. outside story. well, going to be a warmer finish to the week. breezy and chilly tonight. breezy and warmer thursday. warmest clouds on friday. some of those clouds could you'll actually keep us from hitting 70 and that would be a shame. cooler over the weekend with that front out in the west. we will finally get through here by friday night. tonight, clear, breezy. 34 to 40 and winds southwesterly at about 10 to 15. lows tonight kind of unusual. everybody is going to stay above freezing tonight. at least on this map. 35 in gaithersburg. 40 downtown. 36 in bowie. 36 in reston. and 34 out towards leesburg. kind of unusual for the middle of february. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy, mild. 30s and 40s. grab your sunglasses. and by afternoon, not bad. partly cloudy, breezy, even warmer. highs between 60 and 65 and winds southwesterly at 10 to 15. look at the highs tomorrow.
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65 in springfield. 64 inrockville. 62 out toward fairfax and reston. next seven days. warmer on friday. we do see a temperature correction on saturday. back in the low 50s. back up to 60 on sunday. showers in there. warm front trying to push through. another storm comes at us on monday. probably our best chance for rain in some time. cooler to colder. 50 on president's day. in the 40s on tuesday. back in the low 50s by next wednesday. >> all right. when we come back dave owens will have more on redskins kick runner brandon banks' condition. we will be back. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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and now 9sports with dave owens. the best sports in town. so an interesting couple of days as the layers in the brandon banks stabbing continue to get pulled back. what was initially called a superficial wound has turned out to be much more. his agent about an hour ago
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said banks had be moved from howard university to virginia. he is under the care of a redskins doctor now. gould confirms banks' lung was nicked during the assault. here is a quote from gould. he should be released 48 hours afterward. we expect 100% recovery where he can resume his off season training in two to three weeks. wizards facing orlando tonight. beaten them six consecutive times. flip saunders used an any given time sunday type of speech. meanwhile, we have got a lot of local teams streaking around here. george mason 12 straight. a school record. georgetown looking for nine
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straight tonight against uconn on the road. austin freeman's sprained ankle expected to play. lady terps dealing with their first losing streak of the season. couldn't close the deal on sunday against virginia. hated duke in the house thursday. strategy against the number 7 blue devils simple. brenda fries saying we have to finish it. at home in front of our great fans and we played a tremendous game down there. we just didn't finish it. so understanding that it is going to take a 40-minute game. >> position players starting to arrive. ryan zimmerman and rest of the bunch. players don't have to officially be there until the weekend. first workout starts next week. pitchers and catchers are there now. our brett haber will begin filing reports. steven strausburg will work out in front of cameras and will interview with us tomorrow. brett haber will have. can't wait for that. rising star on the u.s. national soccer team. horrific injury shattered the leg of charlie and put his
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career on hold. been a long road back from that, of course. but davies is once again a player and coveted one. made an official member of the club today signing him away from the french team he was playing for. it is a loan deal. the best is yet to come davies says. it will push me everywhere i need to be pushed and get me back to where i want to be. not just to get back to where i was, the goal still is to be better than i was before. >> finally real quick here. shaping up as a fairy tale weekend as dale jr. had the poll. he crashed. they pay tribute to dale jr.'s father who passed away at the track 10 years ago. we continue to have a big sports day around here and will keep an eye on that too. >> topper, you'll have more coming up at 7:00 p.m. the cbs evening news with katie
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couric is next. derek will see you shortly after that. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. ♪ go to to see how we can help your cashflow situation.


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